Please check our practical solutions tailored to industry specific challenges:

Fixion Pulp & Paper

Increase uptime of your paper making process!

  • Fit for recycle pulp & paper mills
  • On-line monitoring of individual volatile fatty acids (VFA)
  • Decrease scaling in the paper making process
  • Efficient chemical use in the paper making process
  • Instant results

Fixion Biogas

Increase the biogasproduction of your digester!

  • Fit for anaerobic digesters
  • On-line monitoring of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and bicarbonate
  • Optimal biological conditions for maximal biogas yield
  • Optimised loading regimes to your digester
  • Easy to operate

Fixion Greenhouse

Always A-quality vegetables in your greenhouse!

  • Fit for greenhouse growers     
  • On-line nutrient monitoring irrigation water
  • Optimised fertiliser strategies for healthier crops
  • Close the irrigation water cycle loop
  • Easy to operate

Fixion Water Hardness

Reduce scaling potential of process water

  • Fit for water softening plants
  • On-line monitoring of calcium and other metal ions
  • Optimised water hardness
  • Efficient chemical use in the water treatment
  • Realtime analysis

Flexion: you choose the dissolved substances to monitor

The high-end configurable sensor of Capilix

  • Lab quality results
  • Full integration in industrial automation
  • Simultaneous on-line measurement of
    up to 30 types of dissolved substances
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Heavy duty operation
  • Q-Watch technology inside

About Capilix

Capilix is a company in The Netherlands with an experienced team of professionals and a strong industrial customer network. Capilix wants to create a more sustainable water cycle by improving control of industrial water processes. Read more

About Q-Watch

Capilix patented Q-Watch technology integrates industrial stand-alone operation and microchip CE technology. This enables heavy duty on-line chemical analysis of your industrial water process with lab quality results.
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